Who we are

The Red Squirrel Trail website is hosted by Natural Enterprise, a charity based in Newport, Isle of Wight. We have a great love of people and nature, as reflected in our Gift to Nature project to which this website links.

We helped make the Red Squirrel happen by providing interpretation to the Isle of Wight Council.

Problems and issues with the Red Squirrel Trail

We are always happy to chat but we are limited to what we can do. Please let us know if there are issues with inaccuracy of this website or any of the maps. Also, if you own a cycle hire business or business that supports cyclists along this route, please get in touch and we will add your details.

If you have problems with the trail itself we are not the best people to contact. Your first port of call should be Island Roads who look after the track. You can even report some issues on line with them. If your issue is not with track maintenance, then talk to Isle of Wight Council or your local Isle of Wight Councillor.