Longwood Lane

Where am I?

The map at the bottom of the page shows your current location and the route of the trail. You can get downloadable maps and GPS routes of the Red Squirrel Trail from our downloads page to help you find your way.

What’s nearby?

Between the cycle track and the road you’ll find Gift to Nature‘s Wetland Walk and Orchard. Walk through the carved arch from the cycle track. A boardwalk will take you across the wettest part of the site and then a footpath leads to a pond dipping platform where you can look out for dragonflies and other wildlife. You can then carry on into the orchard which has a couple of picnic benches if you’re ready for a break. In the autumn feel free to help yourself to fruit and nuts from the trees in the orchard. In wet weather you may find parts of the site submerged. The orchard area is almost always accessible, just use the gated entrance from the road.